Little Caesars

Vitruvian Caesar
Character Development
Elaborating on the Little Caesars brand refresh, I created a series of proportions and guidelines for all future illustrations of our beloved Little Caesars character.

Window Graphics
Our franchisee network often uses window graphics to advertise their location. This is also a great way to capture the fun and whimsical side of our brand while focusing on its core messages.

Motion Graphics
At Little Caesars I have continued to learn and acquire new skills. One of the skills I’ve developed is animation and motion graphics. Exploring different text animators, expressions, and even 3D techniques to make our still photography come to life!

Vehicle Wraps
As a native Detroiter, I’ve grown up loving American Muscle Cars. Needless to say, I was floored when tasked with creating our very own Little Caesars livery.

Our new brand encourages the use of more unique Little Caesar illustrations to support advertising campaigns as well as add personal flavor to individual franchise requests.

Creams N’ Caps

Social Media
The posts highlighted above showcase the range of initiatives I was able to create with Creams N’ Caps. Social Media is a powerful tool we used to inform patients of our grand opening, drawing awareness to heart health, and introducing new products.