Project Gemini
The rocket ship above is a piece of art I recreated for the Z06 Invitational. It is based off the Project Gemini Icon that is placed throughout the Corvette Z06 (54 locations in total). The rocket is exclusive to the Corvette Z06 because it represents the development of Project Gemini, the LT6 engine. I developed a usage guide for the the rocket icon describing where it can be used on its own or to replace an interior “i” within a headline.

This is the Real American Supercar
This year is about celebrating and connecting with your brand-new Corvette Z06. Every part of your Corvette is uniquely crafted and tuned to your tastes with an unmatched flat-plane V8. Today, we invite owners to feel the power of appreciation by offering 500,000 Rewards points ($5,000) after 6 thrill-filled months of ownership.

Dealer Support
Display our offer in the dealer and service areas promoting My Chevrolet Rewards and the Z06 Invitational. This will inspire existing and future Corvette owners to experience the power of appreciation through unprecedented rewards.

Man holding giveaway poster for Z06 Invitational

Time for a Victory Lap
Limited Edition posters signed by the designers and builders of the Corvette Z06. We wanted to make 8,600 copies to celebrate the redline of the new flat-plane V8. The poster would be displayed in dealer show rooms and would be given to each owner.

Ready, Set, Redeem
The above emails welcome, congratulate, as well as include owners that may have missed signing up for the program after taking delivery of their real American supercar.

Z06 Invitational Email Touch Points
Email communication tiles that are inserted into monthly communications with owners. These email tiles did a lot of heavy lifting from tracking member progress with a special “Lap Counter”, sharing thoughtful content about their Z06, and tips on how to get the most out of their 500,000 bonus points.