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Cooper Tires Amazon Product PagesAmazon Product Pages
Consistency leads to trust. I created a design system that we could apply to all Cooper Tire product lines. We got extra mileage out of our on-vehicle photography and consumers experienced a predictable storefront that resulted in shoppers spending more time on our product pages.


Amazon A+ Content
Tire buying can be intimidating and sometimes leave consumers scratching their heads. I created a visual guide by illustrating the technology packed into each Cooper Tire product. As a result, Cooper Tire saw a dramatic rise in volume of sales and increased storefront rank on Amazon.



Cooper Tire Instagram WallpapersIntroducing Wallpapers
I created a new category for Cooper Tires Instagram Story Highlights to drive creative efficiencies and leverage existing lifestyle photography. I also illustrated our tread flats. Wallpapers became a great way to say thank you to our consumers, while boosting positive sentiment & brand awareness.



Cooper Tires Display AdsDisplay Ads
I led the implementation of a new creative automation tool at Cooper Tire. I am always trying to learning new tools and techniques in the quest for working smarter. Using Celtra, I have been able to prepare over 100 display variants for distribution in Campaign 360 per quarter.


Cooper Tire Tread ArtTread Art
As I created the Cooper Tire tread flat artwork library, I also turned the flats into vector brushes. The above art is displayed in the marketing department’s Royal Oak office. Fun fact: This office is responsible for launching the Discoverer Rugged Trek and Snow Claw tires seen above.

All Weather Bikes

All Weather Bikes is a project I started with my friends for fun. We all enjoy mountain biking and we’ll brave the rain, snow, or heat to ride.

Merrell Trail from Matthew Bisset on Vimeo

Zach and I headed out to Grand Rapids to enjoy the flow-style Merrell Trail for a day of bikes, beers, and buds. This edit shows some of our greater moments from Siren, Phaser, and the Wynalda Loop.

Chest Mount Rider: Zach H.
Seatpost Mount Rider: Matt B.

Underoath “The Blue Note”

Mortician at Boyne Highlands from Matthew Bisset on Vimeo.

Quick video of the jump line at Boyne Highlands Resort appropriately named Mortician, enjoy!

Helmet Mount Rider: Matt B.

The Black Dahlia Murder “Built for Sin”